I have been able to contact the coordinator but have learned of some bad news. Only those who are eighteen and older can volunteer to work with the children. In addition, I believe transportation is a issue because it is difficult to transfer a great deal of students over to their workplace.

Instead, now I think that I would like to have a backpack drive for the children. I would gather school supplies from stores and hopefully, backpacks as well. Even though I may not get a great deal of supplies, I hope to garner interest in the program for potential donors. As of now, I am searching for possible stores that would be likely to donate and contacting the coordinator again to tell her the changes. 

Our Fifth Speaker: Ann Criswell

Our fifth speaker worked in professional fundraising and helped us by going through some of our own personal projects and figuring out what needed to be done to achieve the greatest amount of success. Presently, she works at Elk Hill as the Director of Development. She taught us to form a relationship with the potential donors. Instead of just going out and asking for money, to first try and find possible connections and relations from the project to the donor. Be aggressive and contact them through phone and email. Not giving up without trying first. Those were the thoughts that Ms. Criswell shared with us in her lecture. I enjoyed listening to her speak and learned of some great points that would be helpful in my own project.

Railroad Street Youth Project

The School Calendar Plan Nixed

Originally, we planned to make a school calendar involving the students. However, there have been issues with whether we are actually buying the calendars before and also seeing if there is enough student interest to make a profit. We thought to add teachers to the calendar so that there would be more buyers but decided that many people would not want a calendar even with teachers in it. Our class discussed everything and made a decision to get rid of the plan because it was risky and difficult to achieve with any profit. 

Our Fourth Speaker: Amanda Kennedy

So far, I found that this speaker was the most enlightening and empowering because she was actually involved in creating a nonprofit organization at a young age. Not only that, her work, the Railroad Street Youth Project, was successful in helping numerous teenagers in Massachusetts. She was personally involved with the group and started it because of a friend. I think that this closeness really motivated her in forming the project. Right now, I am at a stopping point in my project and find it difficult to move forward. Because of her lecture, my thoughts were open to a greater amount of possibilities for my own work and I am thankful to her for taking the time to come and speak to us. 


So far, I have been trying to contact the coordinator for the last few days. We were unable to talk on Monday and Wednesday but I will try again later today. I have started to work on the presentation that I would like to hold in the forum. I think it would be a good idea to invite someone from Noahs Children. However I need to talk to someone with the program before I do anything definite.

Our Efforts Today

Today we decided to start working on two more projects for Guatemala. The first is a gift wrapping drive. Because Christmas is going be here soon, we thought that it would be a good idea to go to a busy store, like Barnes and Nobles, to offer gift wrapping services. Hopefully we can bring in wrapping paper and maybe get Smokes and Scales to donate some more. More information soon…

The second idea we had was more school related and seems like it will be a lot of fun. We want to make a school calendar that would include all four classes. You could vote in your favorite couples, class clown, most attractive, most likely to succeed, etc.. There would be a sign up sheet in each Commons and the class presidents could post in their Facebook groups. We even have a name for it (kind of). MAGGIE WALKER’S NEXT TOP MODEL


"I think their favorite part of the tour though was playing on the beach because many of them had never seen the ocean before.”

A group of Peace Corps Volunteers in Namibia recently came together in collaboration with a local nonprofit organization to lead a week-long educational tour of the country for 40 at-risk youth. The tour is an annual initiative led by Peace Corps Namibia’s diversity committee aimed at providing orphans and marginalized youth — many of whom have never traveled outside of their own community — with the opportunity to explore Namibia, develop a respect and appreciation for other local cultures, and build healthy lifestyle and leadership skills. 

Action Plan Draft

Plan of Action

Noah’s Children and “Noah’s Helpers”

Bon Secours Hospital and Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School

Angela Yoo

Organize a dedicated group of students, “Noah’s Helpers”, from Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School to visit and volunteer with Noah’s Children once every week.  

  • Be involved with the numerous volunteer opportunities

    • Homework Helper

    • Household Help

    • Mentorship

    • Office Work

    • Patient Visit

  • Coordinate our own long-term volunteer efforts

    • Organizing a special event at the end of the school year

    • Hosting small parties for Noah’s Children and families

    • Getting involved with the Backpack Program

    • Working with the Bereavement Team to provide support for grieving families

  • The group of students will consist of approximately fifteen members, sending at least five people every week. These students will make up the core of the group but other helpers are welcome and will be able to visit Noah’s Children as well. The entire group will help coordinate the long-term volunteer efforts. Each member will fill out the mandatory volunteer form and follow all rules and regulations of the program.

  • The students will be volunteering for the school year, once every week. However, if people are still interested, the program can continue as a club or special group under Maggie Walker.

  • The group of students will approach the school about “Noah’s Helpers” and will also seek permission from Noah’s Children and its volunteer coordinator.

  • All communications between the three groups will be noted for future reference and Noah’s Helpers will be a reliable go-between and ensure prompt communication

The Change Drive

First… I did not even know that this would be called the change drive. Like our class said one day, I believe that it was misleading because people would ask about whether they could donate bills. Next year, I think it would be good if the class could make up a name for the drive, maybe even have a theme for the year and name the drives and benefits accordingly.

The change drive occurred over Spirit Week and resulted in the Seniors donating the most money. Personally, I think that it was a good decision to do the drive over Spirit Week. Even though some people commented that it was only to gain points in the Spirit competition, I still believe that any amount of money, regardless of intent, is great for our cause and in helping the children. The drive also helped garner interest in what we are doing as a class which will be important in the future, when we try to gather donations again. Basically, the change drive was fantastic and we raised over 2000 dollars to benefit the library in Guatemala!